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Mindful Creation

Some of the most memorable moments in our lives are often linked to what we wore. Fashion is emotional, evocative, inspired. But fashion's life changing impact extends far beyond our wardrobes. It is a multi - trillion dollar industry that employs 1/6 of the global population. Mass consumption, pollution, exploitation and waste all come with that grand scale.
25ATW aim is to create garments that transform and transcend the world of fast fashion and are also ethically manufactured. We will not put a product out to the world, if we know it cannot stand the test of time, as ultimately, if a product cannot stand the test of time, it is not sustainable.
We truly believe that beautiful clothes and a fair, ethical supply chain can co-exist.


We hold dearly the close relationships we have with all of our makers. They are our greatest asset and to us they are family. We are committed of providing safe work environment and fair and competitive wages.



Fabric minimums are a major challenge to all small businesses. The higher the demand for a fabric, the cheaper a supplier can afford to sell it and the lower the minimum order required. Due to the low, sometimes non-existent demand for the sustainable or recycled fabrics, minimum orders and prices can be unattainable. With so few brands seeking these kinds of fabrics, this will continue to be a barrier for entry to many small businesses,
But while change could be daunting, even the simplest steps can have a worthwhile impact. Our solution comes from using a mixture of regular stock and discontinued high quality fabrics.
This approach minimises the waste that comes from our factory and also ensures unique and affordable wardrobe staples.
In the instance, where we use regular stock fabric, transparency and traceability in the supply chain are a paramount.
This is why we work with local importers in Bulgaria who have long established relationships with European fabric manufacturers, while also working directly with some fabric mills. Our main supply points are in Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and Turkey.