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25ATW Femme Nadine Andrews

Undeniably beautiful. Unwaveringly determined. She is driven by love. Love of family, friends!
Meet Phoebe - powerhouse model,  mom of two and the force behind the online journal Model Appetite.
The ultimate 25 ATW femme, she is considered, gentle and focused.
Read on to find out how finding joy in the small pleasures and balancing healthy mind, body and appetite shape her day to day life.

Special thanks to Phoebe's other half  fashion photographer Georges Antoni for the incredible imagery.

Outside of the world of Model Appetite, who are you? What do you love?

I guess first and foremost I am a wife to my gorgeous husband Georges and mother to my two beautiful girls Valentina and Siddy. They pretty much shape my day to day decisions and actions which accumulate to make me who I am. Besides them I am Phoebe; model, writer, presenter, friend, daughter, cook, blogger, socialite, food fanatic, gym goer and house wife. I love and treasure the little things in life. I think it can be so easy to get seduced by the bigger things, especially when we see these picture perfect lives of people travelling the world, hanging out with the “cool” crowd, wearing the latest trends and essentially “living their best life” on the crazy world of social media. We can very easily fall into the trap of comparison instead of looking at what we have and finding joy in the small pleasures. Yes a holiday, a nice house or fancy event are nothing to be frowned upon but if you spend time appreciating a quiet coffee at your favourite cafe, a night on the sofa with pizza and your loved ones, a 25 degree day, a walk with friends or catching up/binging on your favourite tv show then if or when the big things happen you have much more appreciation because your happiness or value is not defined by those things, instead they are a very welcome added bonus to an otherwise already beautiful life. 

25Femme Nadine Andrews

Phoebe in  25 Around The World Olivia shirt dress  | Image: Georges Antoni

What does modern femininity mean to you?

Modern femininity to me is about respecting the role of the male and female. At the absolute fundamental we are different, both physically, emotionally, socially. I hear a lot about women trying to do what men do, say what men say, act how men act. Why? We’re women and that’s frickin awesome. We should understand the strengths and weaknesses in both sexes and use the best of both to make our world a greater place for everyone. I think femininity today is about not being afraid to be female. If we want to cry, then cry, if we want the door held open for us, then accept the chivalry, if we want to cook our man dinner, then cook away. I’m not by any means saying don’t chase your dreams of becoming CEO for a huge corporation but don’t do it just prove a point by trying to demonstrate that we are just as good as or better than men because we’re not and neither are they better than us. Being treated equally goes without saying, such as our basic human rights, freedom of speech, pay for the same work etc but I don’t want to be treated like a man. I want to be treated like the strong, feminine, powerful, loving, nurturing, funny, amazing woman that I am. We’re different, we should embrace that and enjoy it.

If you never had to think about a trend again, what would you be forever caught wearing?

A shirt! And I promise I’m not just saying this because I’m pictured in this article wearing one of your beautiful creations. I have always and always will be a shirt fan. Whether it’s classic white, or vintage cream, or barbie pink, or office blue, made of cotton, linen or silk. I think shirts are the most versatile wardrobe essential and can be dressed to the nines, worn to the beach, or in my case is the perfect breastfeeding uniform. I don’t believe the shirt will ever just be a trend or will ever go out of fashion, the longevity of the shirt is unmistakable and for something so simple the variety is endless.

Phoebe Model Appetite in 25ATW Black shirt dress

Phoebe is wearing 25 Around The World Olivia shirt dress | Image: Georges Antoni

What do you want the readers and audience to take away from Model Appetite?

On a surface level I want my audience to read honest reviews and opinions of places I’ve had the pleasure (or not, as the case may sometimes be) of eating at. I want them to get a true insight into my life and world as a model. And finally, to read about the thoughts and points of view of others in the food and fashion industries. On a slightly deeper level I want to demonstrate my undying, unwavering love of food. There are a lot of models writing food blogs but they tend to focus on the healthier end of spectrum, which is no bad thing. I mean, a model needs to look after herself. However, for me it’s about embracing everything food has to offer, the healthy, the not so healthy, food from around the world, hidden gems, the good, the bad and the ugly. Food for me should hold no boundaries, it is one of life’s absolute pleasures and I suppose one of the messages I wanted my blog to convey was that you can enjoy a successful career as a model without having to restrict everything the culinary world has to offer. I brought my love of food and fashion together and as a result Model Appetite was born. Having a healthy body is one thing but having a healthy mind, attitude and outlook is something much more powerful. And last but not least I want to make people laugh. I love to include humour in my writing. As I’ve expressed in my answer to the next question, life is far too short so lets spend as much of it smiling as possible.

What words do you live and die by?

I tell myself often that you only live once. It helps to put things into perspective. If I’m having a rough day it reminds me not sweat the small stuff. If I’m feeling scared or nervous to do something it helps give me the nudge that I need. If I’m arguing with someone I love it gives me the strength to either forgive or apologise and not to waste precious time and energy on things that don’t matter. It helps me to be a better person, so I know that when I leave this earth the life I had meant something to someone. 

Phoebe in 25 Around The World Classic Boyfriend White Shirt  | Image: Georges Antoni

Tell us something most don't know about you... (until now)

My mums midwife named me. Here’s how it went down. So you may be aware of the saying “as smooth as a baby’s bottom”? Well my parents nicknamed me, Velvet Bottom as something to call me prior to having decided on a name. Over time that got shortened to VB (you can see where this is going right?) After a pretty hideous labour experience, the midwife turned to my mum and said “what a beautiful baby girl, what’s her name?” To which my mum replied in her delirious post birth state “VB.” Of course the midwife heard Phoebe and the rest is history. 

How are you trying to live more sustainably? What is a sustainable practice you hold as really important in your day to day?

This is a topic I have a regular battle with. I am informed and concerned enough about our planet to make changes but sometimes putting my thoughts into actions is where I fall short. I know I need to and want to do better but it doesn’t  always happen. I have started making small changes to my day to day in the hope of living a more sustainable life. They may not be making a huge difference but I figure if I start small and cement these changes as habits then eventually I can start tackling the bigger picture. So these changes include keeping a keep cup in my bag for those spontaneous coffee purchases, using a metal straw for when the summer months hit and my coffee turns ice, using reusable food storage bags, which I actually love and have been a kitchen life saver and taking reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery stores and markets. As I said, perhaps not major changes but it’s what I can do for now. I’m also extremely vigilant when it comes to turning off lights when you leave a room and not leaving the water running unnecessarily. I will also endeavour to encourage and educate Valentina and Siddy to do the same and teach them the importance of doing what they can to help our planet. 

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