Jess Price

25ATW Femme Jess Price

Singer and musician, Jess Price is, in equal measures, sublimely sweet, ridiculously talented and razor-sharp in her focus. In 2015, Jess and her husband Matt (the duo are newly weds) were runners up on Australia's X-Factor, before signing a record deal with Sony Music. With extraordinary vocals and a certain prowess on the guitar, Jess is truly a musical force to be reckoned with. Her magnetism, not only as an artist, but as a modern day businesswoman, meant that we couldn't help but claim her as true 25 ATW Femme. Read on to get to know Jess outside the world of her art.

Outside of the world of music, who are you? What do you love?


On par with my love of music, I hold the value of my friends & family incredibly close to me. I love being around my favourite humans. Being creative, adventurous and traveling to new places with them is essential for me!

Jess and Matt

Jess and Matt. Jess wearing 25ATW black silk shirt dress

What does modern femininity mean to you?


I think the concept of femininity in today’s society has changed so much, and that is so powerful. It completely reflects the individual. It is so unique for each person, it’s being comfortable in your own skin, loving and appreciating yourself everyday.  

If you never had to think about a trend again, what would you be forever caught wearing?


Flares, I know they are creeping back so I am safe for now!! I just wish my mother kept her jeans & pants from the 70’s because I cannot get enough of them. 

Jess Price 25Femme

Jess wearing 25ATW black Olivia silk dress

What words do you live and die by?


Be kind to one another. 

Tell us something most don't know about you... (until now)


Right before I started playing music, I was on the path to be a graphic designer. I had my application submitted for a design course and at the last minute I decided to go to the open day at a music college.... it changed everything! I decided then and there that music was what I had to do. At music college I met Matt, and 9 years later we are married, living our dream of making music!

You can listen to Jess and Matt's music here

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