Ali Fleming

25FEMME Ali Fleming

We have known Ali for many years now and in so many ways, she has been a huge part of the 25 ATW journey - she was one of the key women who inspired us to focus our brand in classic pieces. With the mindset of a born leader, she is fiercely focused, but unwaveringly kind in all that she does. She is the woman you want in your corner. With a simple, pared back approach to fashion - you'd be hard pressed to find her in anything but slick black or blue jeans, one of our oversized cotton shirts, a leather jacket slung over her shoulders and gold hoop earrings. Her "uniform", as she calls it, means there is just one less thing to think about each morning. A perfectly brewed tea is, of course, her number one priority. Read more on our interview with Ali from ceiling agency...

Outside of the world of ceiling agency, who are you? What do you love?

I'm just your average 29 year old gal living her days in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Honestly, though - I'm a red wine drinking, tea leaf brewing, book reading, Netflix watching, online shopping, low-key exercise doing Sydney girl. I love winter sunshine, Remedy Kombucha, books by Donna Tartt or Liane Moriarty, Keeping Up With Kardashians, sea salt crisps and French red wine. I love exercising when I do it, but sometimes find it tricky to get started. I love skincare and acupuncture, but my bank account doesn't (it's ok - we fight, we resolve it, I win). I love freshly brewed tea (strictly tea leaves only), so will wake up at 6AM to ensure I always have time for at least two cups before the day starts. I love my two Burmese cats - Frank & Scout. And I bloody love my incredible family, beautiful friends and my numero uno, my husband, Wes: the crew who support me through and through.

25Femme Ali Fleming

What does modern femininity mean to you?

Modern femininity to me means not being embarrassed or ashamed to embrace our inner wisdom. That is, to not always react, or feel pressured to solve everything…right this minute. It’s about allowing space in pressured moments. In this way, it lets traits that could be seen as softer or warmer or kinder emerge. There is so much strength in femininity and embracing that, carrying it not only through our personal life, but also into our work life. Modern femininity asks that we pay attention to every aspect of our true self, while interacting with the outside world: whether it be to encourage, protect, drive, nurture, listen, confront. It’s all about balance ultimately.

If you never had to think about a trend again, what would you be forever caught wearing?

I'm terrible at trends, which is probably quite lucky (especially for my bank account) - I'm always so late to the party that by the time I cotton onto a trend, it has had its day and is likely on sale (then I know it's definitely done, so I don't embrace it). I can, without fail, always be caught wearing the following: a good, hearty pair of denim - in ink black, a dark grey or a light blue - a good cotton t-shirt, or a 25 Around The World oversized white shirt (my favourite and an absolute classic), plentiful gold earrings - usually hoops by either Steviie, Reliquia and more dainty styles by Sarah & Sebastian - and white sneakers, or a black low heeled sling-backs. Done and done!

25ATW Femme Ali Fleming

Ali is wearing 25 Around The World classic silk shirt

What words do you live and die by?

I have so many words I try to live by - sometimes it is hard, other times it is not. However, the words of Lao Tzu are the ones that constantly resonate with me and strike me as so important to the way we live, behave and focus our energies - both inwards and outwards toward others. This below, in particular, is very important to me and something I like to ensure I carry through my day to day, as well as in my work.
"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love."

Tell us something most don't know about you... (until now)

I'm terribly impacted by what others think of me. As I get older (and hopefully, am developing even a shred of more heightened wisdom and a thicker skin), I am less and less affected - but "water off a duck's back" has never been my strong suit. I am a huge advocate for being kind to one another - without kindness, we have nothing.

25ATW Femme Ali Fleming

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